At Louise’s Beauty Studio, Roscommon, all of our treatments are backed up by an extensive range of products, including the entire Repêchage seeweed range, which has proved very popular in recent years with people of all ages who want their skin to look its best.

The wide range of facials available at Louise’s Beauty Studio include the 15 Repêchage facials, a skin peel botox facial and anti ageing collagen machine facial, bio light brightening facial and a red out facial for very sensitive skin. In particular, I have seen excellent results from the bridal seeweed and four layer facials instant results. All needle-free facials which plumps, hydrates leave skin amazing after just 1 facial.

Other treatments on offer include He shi spray tan. So when choosing a spray tan that’s best for your body, choosing a 100% all natural spray tan from He shi. We also offer Repêchage body treatments , futuro pro body toning/ lymph drainage sessions as well as a bio detox machine which give a bio detox in just 30 minutes.

Bridal Treatments

Nee italian bridal make-up is offered by Louise and she specialises in bridal packages, both in the run up to the big day and on the day itself along with bridal house/hotel calls on wedding morning throughout county Roscommon and beyond.

Various other beauty treatments as well as products and gift vouchers available.

Oncology Esthetics Facials

We are delighted to introduce a new service to our valued clients in Roscommon. Louise trained in Oncology Esthetics in January 2023 and is now one of the few salons in Ireland with this qualification. Louise is proud to offer gentle and personalized Oncology Esthetics facials. She understands the unique needs of individuals undergoing cancer treatment, and her goal is to provide a safe and soothing skincare experience. The carefully selected products and techniques are designed to be gentle on compromised skin, aiming to restore a sense of well-being and confidence. With Louise’s dedicated approach and attention to detail, she aims to create a relaxing environment where you can indulge in self-care while addressing your specific skincare concerns. Discover the transformative benefits of our specialized Oncology Esthetics facials by booking your appointment today. We look forward to being a part of your journey to healthier and radiant skin.

Louise's Beauty Salon, Roscommon

Face & Body Treatments

At Louise’s Beauty Studio, Roscommon, we offer a wide range of beauty treatments. Click on the headings below for individual treatments and prices.

At Louise’s Beauty Studio, Roscommon, we offer a wide selection of facial treatments, including:

  • Student Facial: €50
  • Men’s Facial (3 to choose from): €55 , €65 or €75
  • Aromatherapy Facial: €60
  • European Seaweed Facial: €80
  • Four Layer Facial: €100
  • Bio Light Peel anti-ageing Facial: €75
  • Futura Pro – Non-Surgical Facelift Machine: €95
  • Relaxing Vita Cura Peel Seaweed Facial: €90
  • Repechage Eye Lift Treatment: €65
  • Red Out Facial: €85
  • Fusion Berry Facial: €65
  • Biolight Luminex Facial: €60
  • New Sheet Hydrating Brightening Facial: €70
  • Anti Ageing Gold/Peel Facial: €100
  • Peel and Hydrate Facial: €65
  • New Hydra Pure Anti-Aging Facial: €110
  • New T-Zone Hydrating Facial: €90

Add on the new Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Machine to any of the above facials for €10 extra.

At Louise’s Beauty Studio, Roscommon, we offer a wide selection of body treatments, including:

  • Futura Pro Weight loss Machine: €40
  • Sea Spa Full Body Scrub: €60
  • Peppermint Seaweed Body Wrap: €60
  • Back Cleanse: €50

At Louise’s Beauty Studio, Roscommon, we offer the following:

  • Make-up: €30
  • Make-up Lesson (Plus tips sheet) €50

At Louise’s Beauty Studio, Roscommon, we offer the following make-up packages for brides, including:

  • Bridal Make-up Trial: €35
  • Bridal Make-up: €35

At Louise’s Beauty Studio, Roscommon, we offer the following eye treatments:

  • Eyebrow Shape: €10
  • Eyelash Tint: €10
  • Eyebrow Tint: €10
  • Eyebrow Shape, Tint & Lash Tint: €25

At Louise’s Beauty Studio, Roscommon, we offer the following waxing treatments:

  • Bikini Line: €12
  • Underarm: €10
  • Half Arm: €15
  • Eyebrows: €10
  • Upper Lip/Chin: €8
  • Lip & Chin: €12

At Louise’s Beauty Studio, Roscommon, we use the New He-Shi Instant Air-Tanning System.

  • Full Body: €35
  • 1/2 Body: €25
At Louise’s Beauty Studio, Roscommon we offer the following Bio Detox treatment:

  • Detoxify, Re-energise, Re-balance the whole body in a 30-minute session: €40

Our online store is now open for business!

All your favourite beauty products from Louise’s Beauty Studio are now available in our online store. We are adding new products all the time!