• Red-Out Serum

    Red out serum for the most sensitive skin types including Rosacea. Feel the instant cooling made up of natural aroma and green tea to help calm the most sensitive skin. Size: 30ml
  • Vita Cura Renewal Serum

    Vita Cura Renewal Serum. Anti ageing serum contains deep sea thermus and laminaria digitata to help smooth and soften lines leaving complexion more glowing and youthful drenched with hydration Size: 30ml
  • C-Serum

    C-Serum is suitable for all skin types. Lightweight oil-free serum full of vitamins minerals and amazing anti-ageing properties. Size: 50ml
  • Five-Step Solution For All Skin Types This new set contains the absolute essentials of our premier, award-winning Hydra Blue® Skin Care Collection for All Skin Types. Featuring the highest concentration of Repêchage’s exclusive sustainably-harvested Laminaria Digitata Seaweed filtrate, with 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids and 42 essential minerals, this collection will help keep skin looking and feeling smooth, soft and radiant. The Hydra Blue® Starter Collection contains five at-home care products in convenient starter sizes.
  • Clinically proven to demonstrate a 44% reduction in lines and wrinkles in just 2 weeks. This gentle but effective eye cream combines ingredients such as Seaweed, Caffeine extracts and Peptides to reduce the appearance of puffiness while helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Opti-Firm Eye Contour Cream

    Soothes the delicate eye area with aloe cucumber and chamomile...helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while cooling the eye area. Size: 15ml
  • Hydra 4 Travel Collection Pack

    Entire collection in a zip bag. Mini cleanser, toner, moisturiser and a full size calming mask for all skin types. Size(s): 10ml, 15ml, 29ml, 30ml, 30ml
  • The ultimate way to "try before you buy," this set contains five at-home care products in convenient starter sizes to start your pure skincare journey.
  • Hydro-Complex PFS

    Hydro complex moisturiser made of 100% cool seaweed and rich in various anti ageing properties in a 50 ml jar. Use morning and night. Instant hydration and results seen. Best seller ... Size: 50ml
  • Honey & Almond Scrub

    Honey and Almond scrub. The most popular product made of honey seaweed oatmeal and almond, light enough to use 3 times a week. Leaves skin super clean. Amazing for all skin types especially breakouts. Instant glowing results. Size: 125 ml
  • This is a foundation like no other; rich with Vitamin A, E & C in our exclusive seaweed based formula to glide on smoothly, help conceal imperfections with light reflective pigments to soften the appearance of flaws. Delivers a silky smooth finish. Oil-free, fragrance-free.
  • The ideal gift from Louise’s Beauty Studio, Roscommon.

    Sheet Mask Home Facial A facial in a pack for home use! Various types of sheet masks to suit all skin types to hydrate lift tighten and calm skin with anti-ageing masks also leaving skin glowing from just 1 sheet mask… leave on for 20mins. Dermo Suavina Lip Balm Thanks to its formulation made with 100% natural essential oils, the Dermo-Suavina lip balm by Laboratorios Calduch repairs and protects your lips intensely, prioritizing your skincare. Postage only €2
  • Refreshes skin after cleansing..closes open pores.. full of seaweed hydration to cool and fully tone skin. Size: 177ml
  • T-Zone Cleanser Complex

    T-Zone Cleanser Complex. Formulated with St. John's wort, green and white tea to help cleanse and calm the skin leaving so clean and fresh. Size: 170ml
  • T-Zone Balance Moisture Complex

    T-Zone moisturiser. Cool and lightweight for combination skin types. Amazing as makeup primer too. Use daily morning and night. Size: 60ml
  • Algo Mist Travel Size

    The most perfect pick me up in a bottle, can be used on skin to freshen and hydrate or also used over makeup to set for day. Size: 180ml
  • Sheet Mask Home Facial

    A facial in a pack for home use! Various types of sheet masks to suit all skin types to hydrate lift tighten and calm skin with anti-ageing masks also leaving skin glowing from just 1 sheet mask... leave on for 20mins.


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